While in theory every TV card supported by MediaPortal TV Server (see here) should work, there may be some incompatibilities between the cards and Windows Home Server.

For Windows Home Server, most drivers created for Windows XP should work. For WHS "Vail", you should use drivers created for Windows 7.

This list shows TV cards that have been tested by us or were reported by the community to work with Windows Home Server.

List of supported TV cards
Manufacturer Model Type WHS v1 WHS "Vail" Remarks
 MSI DigiVox Trio Hybrid (Analog, DVB-T, DVB-C) works with the driver "BDA_082010_UAC" available from this page
Digitrade DVB-T Stick DVB-T Chip: ITE AF15BDA, drivers from this page
Digital Devices Cine S2 DVB-S2 CI isn't working with MP 1.1.2
Anysee E7 S2 DVB-S2  
Hauppauge  WinTV PVR250 Analog not tested works with latest drivers from this page

If you have tested a TV card that works with WHS but is not listed here, please let us know via the Discussions page!

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