Installationpitfall No Video - No Website - WHS2011

Topics: General, Web-Interface, WHS "Vail" Add-In
Nov 11, 2011 at 10:38 AM

I tried to install the TV4Home setup on my system WHS2011 and all seems to run just fine.

Installing Software / Webinterface / DVS-Driver seems to run smoothly, no warnings.

Also the DVB-S card could be seen in mediaportal, but I was unable to see any video. Wether locally, nor remotly.

On my WHS2011 (homebuild system with 775 socket Intelchipset, realtek audiocontroller), the WHS2011 installed and left the audio disabled (as seens on the loudness symbol). After reinstalling the audiodriver and switching on the audiocontrol I could see video - locally as well remotly.

I hope this might help somebody else...

Secoundly I cant access the TV4Home website. The only thing I get was some Error 503. At this time remote web access was disabled. Simply switching on remote webaccess fixed this. Since the installation quide is still very "thin", somebody else might make the same mistake.