Cannot get TV$Home on WHS to record

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Oct 21, 2011 at 9:07 PM

I have installed this and MediaPortal now over 5 times and cannot get it to work.  I can scan for stations on HDHomeRun device with 3 channels, but none of them map to a name and I cannot view any of them.  Any ideas to make this work?  I am about ready to give up and just buy a DVR.

Nov 27, 2011 at 8:51 AM

So the intial setup was a pain in the !$!%, I fully agree. However, that I've determined is due to external factors for this program, and were workable for me. Here are my setup notes:

The Setup:
- Hauppauge WinTV HVR-2250
- No monitor, no soundcard headless WHS 2011 System (Intel i5 650 CPU)

The Process:

  1. Start with Media Portal SetupTV  from the Dashboard
  2. My tuner card has a combo Digital/Analog per port, so I setup a "Hybrid Card" under the TV Server node and clicked the "Tune QAM instead of ATSC" as I have a direct cable connection.
    1. Wait and wait for all of the channels to be scanned in.
  3. Under TV Channels, highlight all stations (Name was garbage name) and click "Test Timsehifting"
    1. Wait for it to finish, and then delete any channel where the checkbox was not checked.
  4. Opened up Comcast Online guide to get the current Over the air stations, and what is playing on each
  5. Under "Manual Control" node, click dropdown for each channel and click button for "Start Timeshift"  and Record 10s.  Do this for EVERY channel.
  6. After done, assuming it recorded OK, open the recorded tv share where the files were saved.
  7. For each station, try to map it to a Comcast station and put the station # using the Comcast online guide and rename the station to include the channel/callsign in the "TV Channel" tree node. Noting that some will 'look' the same, so add a column to explorer in that folder for the "Frame width", "Frame height" to make sure you get the resolution the best resolution.
  8. Download MC2XML for the EPG data
    1. Put it in a folder on your server, and run it once from commandline: "mc2xml -c us -g <zipcode> -o tvguide.xml
  9. Setup a scheduled task to run nightly with that commandline, after the initial run, that xml will be updated incrementally with the current EPC. (in my case, for Comcast)
  10. Media portal setup again, Plugins node, add "XmlTV"
  11. Point the XmlTV at your tvguide.xml and tell it to force import.
  12. On Mappings Tab, for XmlTV, Map the channels per your naming you found for them in #7 and Save.

As you map things to XmlTV, it will appear in your online guide and you can start to schedule recordings.  Note, that you can also setup Channel Groups (Prime Time, News, etc) and it will have that dropdown on the webpage as well.  I never got the online guide that is accessible through the Launchpad to work, but the web url: https://,.../tv4home  works great.

Good luck, I hope i didn't miss a step, I spent about a week battling out each of those above steps :)   And redoing it numerous times, and trying various things.  so the above was very much trial and error.  I'm planning to split the cable line to my second port of my video card, and am a bit worried I'll have to remap the channels - but it actually seems to be pretty smart about if you DO rename a station, it sort of keeps track. I had to re-scan it once already and although the ones i deleted were re-brought back in, the ones I cleaned and renamed were already renamed so it went pretty quickly.